Score-Lowering Tips for Golfers

Golf pic


Golf pic

Hal Shapiro of greater Scarsdale, New York, has served retailers and landlords in the commercial real estate industry for more than 15 years. When not in service as senior director of Winick Realty Group in New York City near Scarsdale, NY, Hal Shapiro enjoys socializing on the golf course.

Every golfer’s goal is to minimize the number of strokes necessary to finish a hole. However, this simple aim requires the integration of numerous techniques and skills. To do so, the golfer must also be able to strategize on the spot and make decisions based on presenting conditions.

For many golfers, this means making the most of misses. The golfer should pay attention to where the shot might miss and avoid those destinations that could be the most dangerous. This allows the golfer to minimize the number of strokes necessary to recover, should a recovery become necessary.

Similarly, a golfer should pay attention to the shape of the fairway. If the pin is placed in a difficult position, many experienced golfers aim for a different part of the fairway and plan to make another shot from there. By sacrificing a potential birdie opportunity, the player avoids the higher likelihood of multiple recovery strokes.

The final skill that a golfer must develop is the ability to forget mechanics while focusing on strategy. When a golfer begins to focus on minute details of the swing during play, he or she tends to lose the ability to see the big picture. By accepting technique for what it is that day, the golfer can make more informed decisions regarding the course itself.


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