Tips for Golfers – Escaping a Sand Trap

Escaping a Sand Trap pic
Escaping a Sand Trap pic
Escaping a Sand Trap

Hal Shapiro, a resident of Scarsdale, NY, and senior director of Winick Realty Group, enjoys playing golf in his free time. A competitive athlete since his youth, Scarsdale, NY’s Hal Shapiro consistently works to improve his golf game.

To get out of a sand trap, also known as a bunker, a golfer first needs to select the correct club. A sand wedge is ideal, as it is specifically designed to pull up and out of the sand instead of becoming stuck. As the back end of the sand wedge pulls the club upward, the front edge collects sand and launches it out of the bunker along with the ball, creating a “divot.”

Golfers tend to see the most effective divots when they hit the ball far forward in the stance, ideally opposite the heel of the forward foot. The golfer then digs his or her feet into the sand to create a solid base, and shifts 80 percent of his or her weight onto the front foot. With a slightly open club face, the golfer performs a half backswing and makes contact approximately two to three inches from the ball.

The golfer must then take care to stay down for a moment before following through high. This ensures solid contact with the divot and helps to guide the ball along its path up and out of the bunker.


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